The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I spent the day yesterday making my own positive affirmations video, so when i wake up in the morning i can throw it on and have the powerful thoughts ready to rock n roll before i leave my bedroom.


I told my house mate what i was up to and told her not to resist the changes in my communication. The people i live with communicate using negative situations to feel comfortable. So Basically we all moan and whinge about people around us to let go of some of the pent up frustration. It sometimes feels like everyone has forgotten how to communicate with a positive mind. Ive made a concious decision when the unnessacary moaning begins i go within and recite to myself, you are worthwhile, you are loved, you can do anything, and i then give my answer to the question or input to the conversation. I have noticed its making people feel uncomfortable because im different, but im worthwhile and its worthwhile to create a positive energy shift. I am a strong and powerful women and can create a happy and beautiful life, not just for myself but for everyone around me.


Today id like to say thank you to

Myself for being committed to keeping positive.

The producers of Avengers, best movie! but besides that i got to see it with a close friends nephew and it always creates a loving feeling in my heart to see a kid excited about a creative thing in the world. I was inspired, what a marvelous comic and the scrip of the movie took my mind on a journey. You could see the special effects and the digs at advertising, but its so much more then that. Its a creative mind out there for everyone to see, and that is AWESOME

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