The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi everyone!
I'm SO happy to be here with you all!

If you've seen my profile you'll know I'm a Light Coach..... I am a 'Real Life Spirit Guide' & Jedi Master (!) teaching & guiding the Lightworkers of this world to align with their SOUL PURPOSE & master their energy...... I'm really busy at the moment putting lots of things in place to empower Lightworkers so was really worried I wouldn't find time to join in with the 'Living With an Open Heart - 100 day reality challenge'.

I feel such a resonance & affinity with Lilou & have been so INSPIRED by her that I really wanted to be part of this. So here I am................ I WILL find the time!

Even though I haven't managed to post any videos yet I did declare my intentions & things are happening ALREADY!!

I thought I'd share my intentions here with you:

♥1. To heal & let go of the wounds that cause my heart to close sometimes (Lots of betrayals & bereavements)
♥2. To bring living with an open heart into my work so I can be powerfully in the flow of my 'love power'
♥3. To deepen my relationship with my partner

I have to say this is ONLY day 3 but by setting my intentions & making some small steps I have seen AMAZING things happen ALREADY!!

These are the things I've done already..........

♥ I decided to keep PINK flowers on my desk by my computer for the full 100 days (see picture above). Flowers open my ♥HEART♥, especially pink ones (the colour of unconditional love in the heart chakra). So I've done that. I also placed a Rose Quartz crystal by the flowers, the crystal for healing & opening the heart ♥

♥I've been holding my hands in prayer position over my heart-centre & saying "THANK YOU" throughout the day any time something happens that I REALLY notice.

♥I decided to let go of any stress responses to things & to ALLOW things unfold............... in a space of trusting that ALL will unfold as it should.

AND the results SO FAR......

♥My partner is already so much more LOVING, not just affectionate but really DEEPLY LOVING ME, it is pouring from his eyes. HIS heart is opening too!
♥We have noisy neighbours living above us which was causing me stress because I thought me have to move. So I shifted my perception & instead realised that perhaps we are MEANT to move now. Perhaps REALLY good things will come of this. So I just LET IT GO.
♥I was contacted by a successful author & personal growth teacher telling me I really inspired HIM! He is calling me on Monday for a chat!
♥A top Social Media, Internet Marketing & PR expert has offered to help me promote myself & develop my work & profile!
♥Some friends talked about converting one of their outbuildings into a home for us to live in!
♥Me & my partner have been invited on 2 holidays!
♥I have a financial windfall on the way from my family (part of which is from my estranged father who hasn't given me anything for 30 years!) BIG!

AMAZING!! Can't quite take it all in yet. I'm just holding my hands in prayer pose at my ♥HEART♥ & saying 'Thank You" over & over like a mantra!

Watch this space! This is only day 3!

I'll keep you posted & hope to start putting videos up tomorrow.

LOVE & BLESSINGS to you all. I'd love to hear from you.

♥ Kimberley x

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