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I am just about finished with my third day of my first season. I am not really sure where to begin, so I apologize if this isn't as fluid as it should be. Yesterday, day 2, I was able to get some exercise in before getting ready. I work a very odd shift...2 pm-12:30 am. I also am a single parent to a 15 month old. On the days I work, I often struggle to get everything done, and I usually am left feeling disappointed I do everything I wanted to. I did get a little work out in, and I set some intentions. I got some reading done (currently reading Wheels of Life), and from work emailed a sort of mentor I have recently been privileged to have enter my life.

Today, I got some reading done as well, and wrote down my intentions for the day. I also filled my heart with love, and made a conscious effort to do and say everything I did and said with love. I got an email back from the mentor, and in the last line he told me to follow my heart and intuition, not my head. I really feel like this is something I struggle greatly with. I intend, for the highest good, to use my heart.

I think this is a good time to set my intentions again for what I would like to create in my 100 days. It may be slightly different from what I first set out, because I am going to use my heart, and check in with what I am setting them with.


I intend, for the highest good,:

-to be loved and to radiate love back out

-be the kind of person I would want to be around

-to use my gifts and tools to heal those who need, and seek, healing

-to learn which healing modalities I am drawn to, and how to utilize those

-to be financially stable

-to transfer my job into a first shift schedule

-to find, or discover, my twin flame

-to get fit for my overall health and wellbeing, as well a half marathon I am registered for in the spring

-to forgive, and let go, effortlessly and easily, everything holding me back

-to become awakened


I think now would be a good time to mention some shifts I have been noticing since I have started becoming aware. Things are starting to flow much more than they ever have. It's like everything has been lining up. I have been trying to find a babysitter since my daughter was four months old (that's when I filed for divorce from her father). Suddenly, one falls into my lap. A first shift position will be opening up at my work in a sort of different department that I am qualified for. I keep interacting and networking with other people who are also on a spiritual path. My dreams have been filled with premonitions. I am noticing my relationships with people are becoming enhanced. I feel good.

I also feel as though I am becoming more receiving of the messages I'm being sent from my spiritual guides.


All this makes me so excited and giddy. I really can not wait to see and experience in the upcoming few months. I was off course for so long, ignoring all the signs and messages, it feels good to finally be back on track.


I'm off to mediate and then get some sleep.

Good night all!


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Comment by Bettina on March 22, 2013 at 7:10am

    I'm happy having you here, Tammy!

"I also filled my heart with love, and made a conscious effort to do and say everything I did and said with love"      ... your words inspire me ... I will write them down et try to never forget the meaning!

                                     ...   I hope you understand my funny way speaking English:  : )

                                                            sunny hugs from Paris!


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