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I'm adding something to my to my intentions, that I didn't think I would: a happy relationship/romance.

That's something that hasn't been on my mind in forever. I wasn't looking for anyone, didn't think about it und subsequently didn't miss it and - big surprise here - I didn't meet one interesting person in all this time. That's the law of attraction for you. If you want to 86 something or someone out of your life, that's exactly how you do it. Works like a charm. Also -- I figured since I will be moving again in the future, why start something right here, where I don't intend to spend the rest of my life? There are so many points on the "con" side of the list, you wouldn't believe...

"not worth the trouble" was another one of the arguments against a partner. A friend of mine was single for a few years, got herself into a relationship and a couple or so years later it all went down the drain. It went on and on, tears and fights, until it was finally over and then came more tears and mourning. Who needs that? I thought I didn't have it in me to go through that kind of drama again myself. And frankly, I still don't. But....

Who says my next relationship could not be a happy one? Who says it couldn't be easygoing, stress-free and still romantic, supportive, cool? I was thinking about this all wrong! I was thinking about all the undesirable things, the red flags, the "buts" and super-hypothetical problems. Wrong, wrong, wrong. This city is full of artists and actors and other creative folk - some might be even over 25 and single ;)

So I'll start with a new leaf. I'll focus on all the desirable things a relationship can offer.

As I'm warming up to this idea, I notice a married couple who still seem deliriously happy. Good for them. So it is possible.

I'm not sure if I should make a big deal out of it and designate a section on the vision board. I think rather not. We've all heard the people in the hot seat asking Abraham where's my mate? I'm looking and looking and where the heck is he? They were always told to relax (IOW: stop obsessing!) I'll instead focus on the happiness, include a partner in my dream house somewhere, send off one rocket of desire and be done.

I did watch one of Lilou's Interviews on the topic with author Arielle Ford. She suggests one could write down all the traits the soulmate should have and also write down what the ideal relationship would look like. Lilou was kind of taken aback by that suggestion, but I think it makes sense to get that list done once and then file it away, let it go. Arielle suggested that once we meet a prospect and there is chemistry, we use the list as sort of a check-list to see how this person scores on it. Her reasoning for that is that sometimes we meet people who we feel attracted to b/c we've known them in another life, but it may only be a feeling of familiarity --- which doesn't mean that our relationship was a good one, doesn't mean this person is the one who would be perfect for us in this life etc. Can't hurt to give this a try.

Anyone else here who would like for the universe to send them a lovely partner? What are your practices?

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Comment by Grace on June 27, 2010 at 5:40am
I'm not sure where you see that synchrocity, sunshine? I thought about it and just think it's like that # 23 phenom -- once you think about it, you pay more attention and then notice it everywhere. ?? Thanks for the well wishes! Right back at ya!
Comment by sunshine on June 26, 2010 at 5:12am
When you saw that happy couple that was a synchronicity. Good for you for opening up yourself to a relationship. Sending you love and sunshine

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