The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Welcome to day 3, where my body clock is back to normal, and life is slightly getting more boring.

well, i got my group certificate today just to inform me of how much i earned, and apparently a lot more than i though, and this means i must now pay back that horrible debt from uni, only a certain %% though.

however i can't do my return yet as i now have to wait for my shares company to send me a form to now what i need to fill in!

do i would say that picture above does describe my current situation pretty well, going through that much paper work to find the correct information is not funny!! and worst than last year where i had around 7 different jobs within that year!!!!!!!!

but, on the bright side i am looking at getting enough tax back to pay off my cruise right there and then! and would save me a lot of saving and i can focus on paying off that evil card of mine.

Work was easy again...other than that, today is over!!

Oh, i had the best sleep last night, 10 hours, perfect amount!

see you all tomorrow!!

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