The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 3 - The Light Is Shining Through

Hey guys! Today was a pretty good day. I did about 35 minutes of yoga. It's like a miracle for my body. I feel so calm after. It's really helping me with my social anxiety. I went out today with my friend (we saw a dance show together) and  I was pretty much relaxed the whole time. More relaxed than usual. It was nice. I was still kinda waiting for me to have a nervous moment and I did at times...I also lost focus a few times but I ended up having a really great time! I was so happy to just be sitting and talking with my friends and I totally forgot about all my worries. 

I am grateful for my friend and for the opportunity of seeing the show today. I'm also grateful for finding yoga and incorporating that exercise into my daily routine. It really helps me on a mental level. 

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