The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 30 Season 4- The Clouds Dared not...

I watched the clouds today, all day.
We had record low high's. A chill 70 degrees for this time of year. Bliss!
But the clouds, of the cool front passing through for the next few days were multi dimensional, and I could tell looking up the Earth was round for the panoramic view. The clouds were thick and heavy, some were black, others grey, many the most gorgeous shade of Blue, and then behind all this were giant shining white clouds reaching into the stratosphere.

It didn't look real but it was.
Swirling over my head, drifting by, in a mass of confusion. It wanted to rain, but dared not. It wanted to shine but dared not. It wanted to be a tornado too but again dared not. Birds from the mourning doves, killdees, my mockingbird and even the Canadian Geese were out in droves sucking up the weather playfully. Lazily napping on the fence, the light, the rock and the grass.

Meanwhile the sky above was confused.

Horses galloped into mermaids, dragons turned into Gods and flowers blossomed in the shapes they made.
The wind blew, blustery but not angrily, just constant. Like a white noise from a fan on High Speed.

There must have been 17 different layers of cloud cover and me, without my camera to catch some of the most awesome cloud colors I've ever seen. And will never see again for nothing that spectacular could ever repeat or pull and encore. But I kept thinking, confused. The weather had a plan, according to the radio playing the tunes and the weather man Stan breaking in... fabulous, a bit cool, tomorrow it will be sunny and this cool so enjoy chance of rain Monday. Then I would notice a wet heavy dark cloud that was aching to break loose but , dared not.

Nothing about that view made any sense.
Till I got home and the sun had gone to bed.
I couldn't see the clouds anymore... I read emails and got one from an industry "networking friend"
Suddenly the show I watched earlier made sense...

I'm just putting on a show, dazzling and stunning but still just a show... I'm like those clouds.
Multi dimensional but not accomplishing anything like I had planned all because of one thing... I wished, I hoped, I focused and moved with the intent but

I dared not.

I didn't take the action. I didn't make the move. I didn't take the step. I didn't take the leap.
The leap of faith not in the Universe but in myself. So I swirled, I drifted, I displayed but I dared not.

If I wanted to fly like the birds who greet me daily, I hadn't opened my wings. I had not let the air fill them and lift me.

Sitting here, as you can tell those clouds, are still rolling through my minds eye.
The Reality Check from the Universe crystal clear, and here in the end I smile for this thought...

Maybe, those clouds were gathering off in the distance.
Maybe once all the pieces finally came together everything would happen.

Isn't that how it is.
Putting the pieces together, gathering up the power one needs to do something more extraordinary than today?

I dare!
and I dare you too<3

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