The 100 Day Reality Challenge

This year is almost over, I can't remember what goals I set at the start of the year, but they've probably mostly been blown out of the window. At the end of the year, when I look back, I'll probably recognise that I've done quite well and have certainly grown as a person. 

This afternoon, I went to Skipton, a market town 15 miles from me which has a good range of shops. There is a New-age shop there which I only discovered last month having been to Skipton a number of times previously. I stopped there and got a couple of crystal bracelets or whatever you call them. One of them was for my star sign (Sagittarius) and the another was for Healing. 

I feel a bit lethargic and bored tonight. To be honest, I'm not feeling awfully fussed right now about the goals and intentions I set for this season. Which is okay. I believe I am doing the best I can with the resources I have. Life just seems a little bit up in the air at the moment. Work tires me out a bit, the hours we work in this country are so unnatural, hopefully one day things will change and more people will be able to spend more quality time with their families and friends, or even quality time with themselves. 

ANYWAY .. things are going to change. They are. I like some things about my job, just that my work/life balance is a bit out of balance. Everyone seems so busy these days. I don't know how people manage to bring up children in this day and age when people are so busy. The pace of life has to slow down someday .. and perhaps December 21 and beyond will cause more and more people to wake up. 

Blessings x

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