The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 31- brainstorming :) and a bit of my past lives..

Today was the brainstorming day,

One of the steps is helping me in order to put action to my dreams is : journaling.

I want to wake up my creative side, so colors, draws and hearts are in my paper journal like if I was a girl of 5 years LOL.

Many ideas came to my mind today and I'm very thankful for that. Somehow my mind is creating a whole picture of what I want to do in my business and it gives me the idea on how to make a success route, this is awesome because it will go straight forward to my business plan. I meditated with Doreen Virtue and found that in my past lives I lived spirituality with rigid ideas (punishment and darkness).  I knew this life would be different because my soul wanted to come to express a completely different side of spirituality.

It is a huge step to realize that, because my business will be based in joy, creativity and a different perspective of spiritual help!

Sounds like a win win game for the world!

I made my love vision board few days ago and today I had news that indirectly, I confirm is one of the things I'm asking to universe, so I think everything is unfolding to the light speed!

Life is Good! 

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