The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Goals I would like to reach.

Start School, Train for Marathons, Diet, Attract Relationships both platonic and romantic

1. Wake at 5:30 am
4. reflect on previous day goal and task list, create current day goal and task list: have been unsuccessful at tasks
a. diet goal: 2 eggs and fresh fruit breakfast, salad for lunch, have a nutritious dinner
b. workout goal for the day: daily jog and afternoon bike ride- no carbs
c. say mantras and intentions: (see below)
d. create three or more tasks to reach overall challenge goals: 1. GO SWIMMING!, 2. organize home, 4. start vision board, 5. make phone calls for PT work
5. Make Breakfast
6. get ready for the day!
7. Go swimming before dinner
8. At bedtime, repeat daily mantras and intentions

Once a week, do something artistic and creative (like vision board) in regard to my challenge goals.

Daily Mantras and Intentions:

I am able to acomplish anything and everything I desire!
I am extremely strong!
I am very intelligent!
I am a loving and supportive Mother!
I am capable of love through many sources!
I love and honor myself and so therefore I do not allow negatve energy to penetrate me!
I am fabulous just as I am and have so much to offer!
I am a healer and love to assist people on their path to good health!
The universe is amazing and I am here for a very special reason!
I intend to treat others as I expect to be treated!
I intend to be aware of my Challenge Goals throughout the day!
I intend to work against my internal resistance!
I intend to achieve my goals and by doing so, I am facing my emotional hardships in the way that I need to in order to live well!
I intend to love myself regardless!

OK, wow, so I was really motivated the first day and not the second (yesterday). I am seeing that my biggest flaw is that I don't stick to routine very well and need a little discipline in this department. Not being hard on myself but really want to follow through and make this work!!! I have been very accomplished in the last couple of days. Accomplishing tasks that help achieve my future goals (whic is great) but they were also tasks that were not on my to do list! At the same time, there were some tasks on my to do lists that were over looked. I think the best thing to do is create a timeline.

Hmmm, motivation... it is hard to be motivated when you have been in a slump for so long! I created so many excuses last night as to why I shouldn't go swimming! It is the battle of my low self esteem and low energy that I will have to break through here... it is mental/emotional.

On a positive note, I woke up happy that it is a new day! Today I am going to focus on my diet. I have been doing really well with that. I am going to focus on going swimmin gthis afternoon! That is my main goal. I really need to do some organizing in my home. Inevitably I will focus on creating a training schedule. These few things are enough! I think the key to success here is to keep it simple, especially in the beginning!

I hope that you all have a very strong and motivated day!

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