The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Accepting the Universe's Pace, Gratitude, Setting Intentions

Accepting. Not forcing an outcome. Not stressing about circumstances. Being calm and relaxed about circumstances. Trusting that there is a reason things are not going by MY timeline. Trusting that the Universe knows better, so it is arranging everything to happen in just the right time and in just the right way. Yes, I thought my studio would be ready for a Grand Opening by the end of Season 1, then by the end of Season 2... I've let go of trying to pin down when my dreams will be manifest and I'm just enjoying the Journey... I haven't let go of the Vision and my musical career is being a lovely distraction from the studio standstill. I'm so lucky to have a fulfilling career in music that I can put my attention on when circumstances cause a delay in the progress of my dream :)

One of the funny little twists that occurred because of the handyman delay was that someone who was a partner backed out and got a job training at a local gym by his house. It will actually be perfect for him, and I'm relieved he backed out, because I don't think I would have had the courage to tell him that I didn't think my studio was the right fit for him. When we first formed our partnership, he was saying how he had realized that being negative was a choice that wasn't serving him and I thought he really was transforming from being a complainer to being a motivator, but after a while his facebook posts increasingly became more cynical and negative again and the energy he was putting out wasn't an energy aligned with the spirit of my studio. So it's kind of perfect that this handyman delay has caused him to commit to another place. And he felt SO terrible to have to tell me that he couldn't work out of my studio. He was so apologetic :))) Thank you, Universe! Your plan is being revealed. Everything is lining up. The energies are lining up. 

Gratitude for my brother and his fiance.... she's in labor as I write this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITING!!!!!! My little bro's gonna be a daddy!!! I'm so happy for them and for me to have a new family member :))) Gratitude for Mom & Dad, about to be first time grandparents :)))) So thankful for Poppy, yoga, music, the Abundance of the Universe, a semi-day off (I have rehearsal at 7 pm to 9:30 pm, but nothing all day). This coming week is gonna be busy, busy, busy. But I will be the calm Zen center in the middle of the storm.

So I set the Intention NOW for the week to carry the calm Joy I have with me everywhere that I go, whether it's at my cashier job at WF or a rehearsal for all the different organizations I am blessed to sing for. I will remember how lucky I am ALWAYS that I can be so Abundant. I am so incredibly Abundant. I live more Abundantly every day :) I will continue to be generous to others and to share my Abundance with others :)

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Comment by FreeAislin on March 2, 2015 at 11:58am

Hi Jenifer,

nice to see you again here. :-) I´m really happy for you and thx for sharing that amazing story. Keep on going!

By the way - It´s funny, that you wrote it on day 32, because if I sum 3 + 2 I get my lucky number 5. :-)

Comment by NATURE LOVER on February 23, 2015 at 9:32pm

Hi Jenifer !

                    Wow !  nice story! 

I think that your energy field is so filled with positives energy that the negative go away from you ! 

The best is yet to come !   Have a nice day !   :D

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