The 100 Day Reality Challenge

moving right along.. I have been on VACATION!!! which has felt AMAZING...I feel like I found an old friend, MYSELF! Man am I cool....especially when I get time to give myself. So even through I need to go back to work today I am going to remember to love myself first, do all the self care I can and let other stuff go so my light can be bright. I am grateful for so many moments and times and laughs that I have enjoyed over the last two weeks....and not only that but the INSPIRATION that has been coming to me and I have been super opening to it in regards to finding a new way to make money that is aligned with my TRUE SELF. I know that I can leave if I want, but I need to keep myself near the money to pay for things at this time..a new plan is in process of revealing itself to me at this time...or maybe I am revealing myself to it. Is is new.....different, off the grid a little...may include school, may include per diem work, may include a whole new job all together...I am excited to think about it. I feel it all taking shape!! I am so excited!!!

Yesterday I had the most lovely day ever, took care of LOTS of things for me ( learning to put myself first) went to the gym and sang to myself while on the elliptical...I am doing this for myself because I love myself and I want myself to be a power as possible and strong as possible I must care for me because I am so loved and and so important that I am healthy. and then I actually did myself!!! a first. and then by coincidence a yoga class was I went to that !!! was great and I had not been in so long and it was wonderful. I loved it, I cant wait to go back the teacher is really cool. much better than I expected. AND THEN I went and sat in the Sauna for a bit....and just marveled about how much I love awesome I well I keep well I care for myself...and I left there feeling GREAT!!!!  WOW! nough said.

Have a great day today co creartors!! BEOSS!! XOXOXOXO

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