The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 33 - Season 7 Starting a mini challenge inside of the challenge :) tomorrow!

Hello co-creators!!

Long time ago I started a mini-challenge of 30 days applying the LOA and that kept me really busy thinking and attracting nice things to my life.

I do want to start again that mini-challenge in my season 7, so the book I will be using is:

Manuel pratique du secret de la loi d'attraction (LOA practical manual) from Marcelle della Faille,

and, "The 40 day prosperity plan from John Randolph Price!

So my challenges start tomorrow morning! I'm preparing today the material to be ready from the morning. All my comments will be posted of course here, to get positive vibe!!

In other ideas: today has been just great, you know, it feels really strange to have plenty of time! hahaha, that of being entrepreneur is really amazing, considering to do exclusively what you love!! I think I still need to work in deleting the 9-5 idea, now I have my own time so what a great idea to organize it positively.

I have contacted my coach with my improvements and contacted the person I "hope" will be my mentor in angels :)  Life is Good!

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