The 100 Day Reality Challenge

What a great Monday!

Got up filled with energy. Worked on an interview transcription that is *awesome* for two hours.

Then, within the same hour, the two people who have invited me to do activities in their centers asked me to print flyers to post on their billboards. What a great way to be guided onto what was required! Did that in the afternoon, and they are ready to be posted tomorrow.

Later on, I sat down to prepare the first radio show of the second season, which starts next Wednesday. The excitement and anticipation I felt were off the roof...! 

And just now I finished my AAA Triad conversation (America, Australia & Argentina) that was beyond powerful and energizing. 

All this energy and enthusiasm and newness are really new to me and I'm super enjoying it. So whether you are on the same page or needing a little boost, just open up your arms and receive it from me...!!! 

Lots of hugs and love and laughter to you!!!

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