The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 34 - On the horse off the horse, on the horse again

hi co creators

Its been a while since i wrote a post. I havent been consistant with my practises, but i do do some of them every day.. its having the list near to me that seems to me something to go back to. So yesterday i meditated, did my affirmations and today i went for a run, meditated and my gratitude diary. So somethign is being done every day and i am feeling more at peace with that now.

I realised i have too many goals, its a bit overwhelming to try to put my energy in so many different areas.

I made a list of the things that are really important to me and they are having a baby, getting fit and healthy, bringing an income in, start studying something, develop my relationship with my partner and child  and sleep more.

So for now im concentrating on making a baby, gettng fit and healthy meditating daily and sleeping more. Ive begun to study NVC which takes care of the study something & the develop better relationships with my family so its all good.

i still think about doing a video, i really want to do it, courage is what its about. courage.

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