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This morning I did a chakra cleanse that helped with my back a little. It's easier for me to walk and bend over. Still some pain, but not as bad the past couple of days. I just couldn't get into the motivation to clean today. I pulled out meat for dinner and wash dishes, but that's it. I was sitting in my room going in and out of meditation state. Just being still and silencing my mind and focusing on all that is at the moment. 

I procrastinate on things that I KNOW will help me, but I just get stuck and don't know how to move sometimes. I mean I do know how but I still just stay suck. 

This whole week has been blah, but I learned that my health and fitness journey just turned into a 'Spiritual Health Challenge'. This mornings I thought maybe the procrastination and crazy emotions could be from being around other people and their energies. I didn't realized I could be picking up on other people's vibrations. Hubby is the one who usually complains of back pain and so doing the chakra cleanse helped release some of the pain. I do, however, still believe our bed is horrible, but like I said its time to manifest new beds! :) 

After dinner, I'm going to say a prayer, bless the house, and start cleaning with my new audio (thanks to Amazon gift cards that I manifested :) from Tony Robbins, Caroline Myss, and Bob Proctor and a few others. I'm now happy that I am able to listen to great uplifting messages while I clean, cook, walk, whatever and be in the moment. 

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