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Ever start your 100 Day Reality Challenge with set goals in mind and for it to shift because you realize that what you wanted wasn't what you truly wanted? :) 

I love when this happens! My goals have changed... I went into this Season to focus on health/fitness and instead I have been put into a familiar cross road that makes me want to just focus on meditating and just doing daily task that serve me and provide me with love and gratitude.  

This feeling of deja vu at first was frightening, but I am just going to embrace it and say whatever lesson I must learn right now is important and I am going to accept it and allow whatever experiences to come. 

I'm in a lot of pain from my lovely bed and the position I sleep. I'm sadden because I am not able to do my workout or even walk up the hills O.o But I have an amazing husband who went to get the girls from school and even made breakfast. I'm going to try to do some yoga to stretch out my back and soften up on the back and ab workouts as this too can be the problem.

Going to start speaking out and openly about my truth ♥ I think the feeling of being here is about not speaking my truth and knowing that even though I speak my truth I need to feel as though I am being heard and my opinions DO matter 

I'm currently reading Grace, Guidance, and Gifts: Sacred Blessings to Light Your Way by Sonia Choquette which is like my daily morning prayer and at night I sit and meditate for about 10 minutes. I'm thinking about exploring myself back into reading more books or meditation audios as when I do walk to and from the school when I drop the kids off I can listen in to some sort of inspirational or motivational voice. I have my plans set out and sometimes I get home and I see the couch or the bed (and usually my husband is still in bed when I drop off Akina) so I tend to climb on them and fall back to bed. lol I should just go to bed early. 

Today I am just repeating affirmations and just going with the flow of the day. I think its time to manifest new beds. :) 

Happy Manifesting!~ 

~♥Today's Meditation ♥~ 

Meditation for Allowing Change


Beloved, be still.

As we set aside this time to go within, relax and know your oneness with the One. Sense and explore the divine spark within. As you settle into your seat, leave any cares for later and focus only on your breath.

Inhale with intention, breathing in a God breath and then easily letting go, Inhaling again and bringing your awareness to your heart center.

Today is the day. Now is the time. All of your power is in this moment. What is yours to know today? What is yours to bring in to being today? What is yours to discover today? Curiously look out over your horizon….ask yourself…..what am I to know in this moment of power?

You step out of your own way and see where Spirit will take you…. You open up to the wildness of your one-ness. You trust in the ways of God to divinely guide you….. you step out in your glory. You rise up in anticipation and excitement for the joy of today.

In the words of James Dillett Freemen, let us reflect:

I have resisted change with all my will,

And cried out to life, “Pass by and leave me still.”

But I have found as I have trudged time’s track

That all my wishing will not hold life back.

All finite things must go their finite way;

I can not bid the merest moment, “Stay.”

So finding that I have no power to change

Change, I have changed myself. And this is strange,

But I have found out when I let change come,

The very change that I was fleeing from

Has often held the good I had prayed for,

And I was not the less for change, but more.

Once I accepted life and was not loath

To change, I found change was the seed of growth.


And now, fully present to the changes underway in your life, come back to this place and time…..awakening to this room and this energy, singing with joy and full voice the Lord’s Prayer.

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Comment by Raizel on December 4, 2012 at 7:24pm

I'm fairly new, but I've had that experience too - at the beginning of the season, one of my intentions was to manifest moving into a different flat, but throughout the season it's changed more into releasing all negativity connected to my current living situation. I now really enjoy living at my current place, get along with all of my housemates amazingly and basically have sorted out all issues I've had with this place so now I'm fully happy here :) It's kind of like manifesting the intention in a different way than I assumed it would manifest in :)

Thank you for sharing the meditations!


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