The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 34 - Season 6 Hello Co-Creators! I wish you all a nice evening!!!

Hello Co-Creators!

First I want to thank you all for being here and for sharing your ways. It is really nice to listen and read what are you going through and how manifesting is working with you! It is like a miracle and we have to do and believe in miracles every single day!!! I send you all positive vibes!!!

After wishing you all the best! I want to focus on my actually problem... My shower do not work and I ordered the plumber, but my landlord and also the owner - they are two different persons - they do not want to pay the bill, but normally the owner has to pay it, and say that it is not her thing, it should do the landlord, because they gave my the apartment without she wanted to rent it and she didn't knew it... so pleaseeeee universe, send me a solution that they will pay the bill!!!! They pay the bill and the shower will work again good and normally.

My second wish is, that I want to manifest a new apartment and I will move in this apartment in october. The apartment has one big sleeping room, an extra room is the nice new kitchen with a new fridge, and new kitchen furniture and it has an separate toilette and bathroom. The apartment will have a nice balcony and the view will be in a garden with trees, plants, fresh and good air. The apartment will be new and silent. It will have a washing machine and the apartment is bright, big and the rent will be less than 350. The whole apartment is nice and it is near to the center of the city, so not far away from my universities. Thank you for realizing my wish!!! Their co-creators, wish me luck and the help from the universe...

At the end of this blog today, I want to say, that I am grateful for who I am.

I am unique and I enjoy my life.

I am self-confident and I know what I want.

I love myself. 

I love me.

I love my soul.

I love the nature.

I love the plants and the animals.

I love the angels.

I love the people and they love me.

I will get what I need.

The angels are always with me and they help me everytime. 

Thank you all for reading my blog!!! With lots of love and joy, violeta

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