The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 36 - Season 7 Firing a life coach, dealing with disappointment and getting support from universe!

What a day co-creators!

Looks like the manifestation path is a marathon of different experiences good and bad, I imagine myself like a runner in the game of life! LOL

Today is a great day, I fired a coach that intuitively knew would be a problem to my progress, and I was so happy to do it even with the disappointment of thinking, oh man, now to try to find support in order to go with my biz .. and you know, these feelings you  have when you were excited and suddenly, nothing happened.   Ahh sometimes I ask myself why my therapist is not coach!!! LOL

I learned important lessons here:

1. Never ever go with a person that it doesn't feel well to you, it doesn't matter if that person pretends to be the "expert". This lady, after cancelling services, was pushy and threaten that my projects would fail (just imagine, THAT would be my coach!!!), just because of that, I was SO happy to have detected, followed and confirmed my feelings on time. At the end, losing my patience after so much ego on her side, that i said, hey lady, which part you don't understand that I just don't resonate with your coaching?? period!  Get lost! hahaha I'm laughing now but I was really pissed off! Coz she was pushing even when she received one month of payment in advance. (Yeah that was a huge mistake, lesson learned as well)  

2. I found other person online, more spiritual, even aligned to angels and the things I want to do in my practice, that I immediately contacted her, I'm following the universe sign but looks definitely a different experience. Again, with learned lessons I will be careful this time.

3. Universe, universe.. what lesson you taught me!! My angels are really my coaches, few minutes ago, I asked them what to expect of my situation, they simply pointed out significant abundance! no doubts, and many things that I was thinking WOW..  I was so happy!! Sometimes I think we are searching outside what we have plenty inside!

With this I don't give a damn if I find external support or not, I go with my dreams and with my spiritual realm as my supporter, and .. life is absolutely good!!  

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Comment by LLightWorker on July 11, 2013 at 12:41pm

Hey guys thank you for your comments!!!! Definitely, there is nothing better than your inner guidance, it is there when you need it, is free and is always accurate. :D   Life is absolutely GOOD!!  

Comment by Steffie Kay on July 11, 2013 at 10:24am

good for you!! I think its so important that we listen to our intuition when it comes to stuff like that, one time in the last few years I didn't and I felt I had no choice ( this was a roommate situation) and the girl turned out to be a total NUT, not a good experience. but in the end I learned that I have MYSELF I have to use a radar, who cares what everone else says!!

Comment by Miracle Maker on July 11, 2013 at 10:18am

Hey, congratulations for your search! We are all in the way to our Higher Self!... Thinking about the life coach... there is a documentary online (I saw it on Netflix) that's called Kumare... Really interesting. It basically describes how anyone can turn itself into a guru... and mislead people.  However, watch it... because at the end, the guy simply teaches you to recognize your inner guidance.

I do believe very much in my Own Inner Coach, My own Inner Guide. My Own Inner Guru.  Clean the communication wires, meditate, stay in silence. And then we hear Its Voice.  :) 

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