The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 37 Season 10 What shape and size do I want my goals in?

Hello co creators

I hope you are having a nice time?

I have such a great friend!

I told her yesterday that I felt that my life is changing in some way,

like my life is falling to pieces, but she says that its not.

She is right because I am only changing my perspective, that s all.

I know what I want, I just have to decide in what shape, size I want it in. The wrapping.

How they should look. I want bigger things for myself.

I want my monodrama with that specific director, manifested

I want my body more in shape than it is now

Going to different premieres

I am working on living here and now-stay in the present (different books helps!)

Following the inner voice-it always works

Finishing 2 texts, one monodrama and one comedy

Things I already have changed;

I have lost weight

I am still making my own food

I eat much less red meat

I am more focused on really, from day to day, knowing what is important to me and what isn t

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