The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello co-creators!

It is a great day! Lived an AHA moment very inspiring.

For long time it has been extremely difficult to me to know HOW to mix up my background with my business idea. Last days I have been in the research mood in regards on how to open my business etc. It has been wonderful because I keep my journal updated with my insights, ideas, and why is inspiring and juicy to have my business.

Today while reading one of my books, I found out that who I'm is a whole picture, that means, that my studies, experience and my business wish could fit perfectly, just because I'm all that.  I know now that I want to start with a part-time business meantime I get my accounting designation and enroll to a bachelor's (leading to a PhD in metaphysics). This is really a good insight, I'm happy with and overall I resonate with this wonderfully!

I'm so grateful with my books!! Many many ideas come to my mind while I read, I know I have been guided to them and that is powerful.

Other aha is: I DO WANT TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR! Never ever want to work again for anyone else, I want to be free, to be prosperous and help to the world to heal with my own healing!

Life is really good!

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