The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 39 S1 Painting & channeling/ connecting to a piece of someone's life

Day 39 S1

This is something amazing, strange and a bit scary that happened. 

It all started with a promise I made to my younger cousin to make a special painting for her.

At first, things were going pretty normally. I painted a white house typical from were she was living and studying. Then I added a lemon because we could go outside shake a lemon-tree with a broomstick and get our lemon for lunch. I also drew a plant similar to the balconies existing in her town. They were forged in iron and represented plants and flowers.

It obviously made sense to me to put a ladybug on top of that plant because my cousin's first name is Joana, nicknamed "Joaninha" which means ladybug in Portuguese.

Now the weird thing is that I was obsessed with adding a rabbit to this picture... which was totally absurd because she never had any rabbit + there was no rabbit in this town + she never mentioned wanting a rabbit. She had a cat that she loved very much. But a cat didn't feel at all like something that should be represented on the painting. So, at some point, I decided to tell her about this urge to add a big happy rabbit to the scene.

She said: "unbelievable!", started laughing and wouldn't stop. Then she continued: " It's my boyfriend's last name! Coelho! (which means Rabbit in Portuguese). My jaw dropped a little. This was indeed funny but also a bit spooky.

I painted that rabbit and my cousin got her very special painting showing her ( little ladybug) awaiting for her love on her plant-balcony while  Mr. Rabbit is hopping happily down the hill to join her.

Funny how Love finds its way of expression...

Despite that  I found this a bit scary,  I would love to experience this kind of intuitive connection again.

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Comment by Mily So Cavaco on July 22, 2015 at 5:52pm

Hi E.D,

You are right, let's not be afraid of intuition about love, I'm going to take note of that , thanks! :D

you could be " imperssed" too, it sounds fun :D


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