The 100 Day Reality Challenge

(The video above really helped me to grasp that as I would stunt myself with excitement whenever manifestations would happen. So I thought I'd share for future references ♥)

I'm so excited! Day 4 already... I feel like time is flying as synchronicities continue to flow. 

In fact, before the weekend, my friend and I were working on a wooden cat project and as I was hammering the wood together with nails (in the basement) I could hear a resonating sound that rang like music in response to the banging. It was a remarkable thing to reflect on. The more I banged the nail with the hammer, the more the pipes above us rang with pride. It's as if the very vibrations of the metal was responding happily to the clanging of the metal between the nail and hammer. It even sounded like a musical pattern that took on different tones as we continued.

So it makes me ask myself... "What kind of song are YOU playing that the outside vibrations are responding to?"

It is like the very word Universe contains the very secret of its mechanics. UNI*VERSE... one song... your song.


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