The 100 Day Reality Challenge

yesterday i walked straight to a dollar that was laying right on the street for me..i picked it up and said thank you. money has really showed up everyday since i been focusing on abundance. 

another big area that i have to work on is walking in love. keeping track of doing good things out of love is something that will be apart of my journey as well as being a blessing to at least one person a day. As far as my"being a blessing to at least one person challenge" i offered half of my lunch to two people yesterday that didnt have lunch. I find that people are hesistant to recieve something though. But that wont stop me from trying. Today is a whole new day..started off with prayer with a prayer partner and I feel good. I have to do some observation hours in the occupational therapy dept. for school this will be fun and new for me. I am excited to see what today brings. Also my husband is coming back today from visiting with family so him and my son will be here this evening. yaaaayyy today is a busy day for me but i'm ready to be a blessing and show love to people so I will let you guys know how things goooo.

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