The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am so grateful for this new journey i am embarking on in my career. Being in a new position is a little scary because of the unknown but I was chosen and I am happy to be moving up. I am believing for 2 things one is my refund being deposited by march 20th and for my kids to be admitted to CPA. I want to manifest my refund by the 20th because I want to take care of some important bills and things needed and wanted to make my home look as beautiful as I want, (serene peaceful full of love) I want my children to go to CPA because it is the best school in our location for the past 5 years in a row, i attracted them getting tested on the day that i happened to have off of work and i am attracting that they will be admitted and they will love it. I also am doing the work in manifest the body that I desire as I'm almost there.

The things that I do to stay in the "attracting the right things mode" is journaling, alot of journaling, being grateful throughout the day, prayer, listening to God Word and videos on the law of attraction and self care. It helps keep my vibes up and I see I am attracting good things.

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