The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Yay! I managed to upload a vid finally! :P

besides that:

With the full moon and all, I've been having the wildest dreams again lately. last night I was wondering through this maze of nature and parallel states of reality and time frames in timelessness and I've experienced multiple things and personas at the same time! This is not unusual for me...

I have been dealing with my womb a lot lately, since I suspect having Myoma (which my mom had severely to the point where they wanted to take her womb out, but thankfully she was able to heal with homeopathy and give birth to my brother and me:).So again my sexuality and my womb have been a big part in my dreams lately. I often dream of rape and abuse and last night this was the case again. I wondered through this dreamy perery and stumbled accross this old torn down house, which turned into a maze of abandoned walls and rooms and holes in the roof that let in a lot of light. it was all very open and i didn't feel contained or crammed in this structure. It was eery nonetheless. then suddenly there was this guy whose right hand had rotten nails(i have a fungal infection on my right toe that's been on my mind a lot lately). this man with black, greasy hair trapped me in this apparatus, that reminded me of the head thing the girl in Saw had drilled into her scull(just that it pierced many parts of my body and i was held captive in the position that Jesus was on the cross). it was like a huge animal-trap in the door frame that i ran into when i tried escaping the reach of the guy. Then i was raped but i didn't experience the actual scene. it was like i escaped my body and observed it all from outside and i turned away and blocked out the gruesomest scenes).I am certain that  have experienced rape in my past life and all i want to do now is to heal that trauma and my womb along with it. my nightmear didn't affect me as much as they usually do. I experienced this lighness and bliss all at the same time, during the dream, where i knew the unity of all things...I also was aware of my body laying in bed dreaming( I often have these experiences where i even SEE myself sleeping in bed at night). I think what brought me to my physical awareness is that I felt my womb react with pain in my physical/wake reality.

I keep sending lots of love and light into my womb and i feel it helps but it doesn't resolve the whole issue...i guess I'm impatient:P I really want to attract healing, concerning that valuable part of my femininity. I don't care how when or in what way/shape or form. preferably withing my 100 days;) lol

And I'm sure that eating more raw foods and veggies(making my diet more alkaline) will help too, even with my fungal infection on my toe(which i feel super ashamed and self conscious about).

Love, Light, Peace and Happiness! <3 <3 <3

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