The 100 Day Reality Challenge

WOW !!! Yesterday, day 3 was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! We went to Davenport which is about 8 miles outside of Santa Cruz and I LOVED IT. I have always loved that place. I said it once and I will say it again, I would really like to live there, it is the most peaceful and beautiful place, it reminds me of the little town I lived in in costa rica, I know it is much smaller, but something about it feels the same, sitting drinking coffe all day and relaxing talking smack outside with random people that have nothing better to do then tell jokes, LOVEIT!!!!!!!! and it can't hurt that the coffee was costa rican!! We had a super fun enjoyable day where we went where the moment moved us. We have had so much activity that I feel like many parts of me are just starting to find the floor, like when you are swimming and you barely learn how deep the pool is.  Today during meditation, I meditated for a total of 40 minutes ish....I felt all these boxes in mind come out of the wood work and need to be organized, I felt many lost pices of mental material float around, unsure if this is pressing matter, or something to be disposed of. Most memories, thoughts, emotions, where to be acklowedlege and let go of. After all this busy time more little left over pices remain than before, and I am constantly reassuinrg myself to let go and trust the universe, even when things feel confusing. A friend sent me a beautiful chakra balancing affiramations that I will shre with you. I just got them this morning, but I already feel that they are just what the doctor ordered,:


Crown: I let go and trust the process of life

Third Eye: I am a wise decision maker

Throat: I am filled with power of spirit

Heart: I am filled with courage

Solar Plexus: I accept that I am learning and growing

Sacral: I am balanced. I know when to act and I know when to wait.

Root: I am disciplined

Other cool things happened yesterday: We went to see a house in Davenport that I saw over a year ago that I really liked, and it still is not even done being built. On the property is a super tiny little house that I would really like to rent, also not done. BUT there was a worker on the property that have us the owners phone number and some history about the property and I FEEL that in a few months we could possibly go move into that house! I do not know why but I feel its very possible with a awesome perfect changes that are afoot. We also had a super fun night with Kalena which was awesome because she is a super cool friend that I met recently, which I feel is no accident what so ever. I  just very much feel the universes support!

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Comment by Let there be Light on April 24, 2015 at 6:47pm

Wow, Steffie! Will you lend me those affirmations?? Because I would sure love to use them! :D:D:D

They're just perfect :D



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