The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi my dear cocreators!!


today was again a special day, a gift from the univers


I went to my job by bicycle! haha good for my diet goal and my lovely body!

It was so great! I eat my bar and shake and some organic tomatoes, they are so lovely and delicious!


I made the choice to be my best for 8 weeks this kind of diet and then eat the organic way! Im sure my body loves to loose some weightand then eat only some nice food! (and now also)


But for now i feel also a little confused, i didnt get a letter from my college. So im not sure if my study will start next week!! im so nervous, I want 2 start!! Im making myself grazy with my ego :-)


I have to focus, visualize, that I go tuesday to my college. That I ll do some homework next week! That im busy and i love it so muchhh!

Please help me 2 focus, advice please:-)


Im sure the univers will make a great choice! And I want 2 do it, because its my time and my heath wish <3


I love 2 be a stylist!!!


xxx thanks that I can be a stylist

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