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day 4 - season 5 ---interestng stuff by michael losier

I love reading cool things that are SPOT on for what I need to HEAR!  The article was about Being Selfish!   Its ok for us to be selfish if it helps us to have SELF CARE in our life.   I am hearing about so many wonderful things in life and I'm so pleased to be witnessing others manifesting! 


and yet a part of me wonders if it will happen to me as well --- and then I start to laugh because I can see that it already has and why do I continue to find ways to 'dis-believe' ... and Today -- I found this in an interview by Michael Losier - its on his website (link below).   This article reminded me of my RESPONSIBILITY to the LAW of ATTRACTION!! 


I am taking responsibility for my feelings, my thoughts, my choices, my co-creators in life, and my Intentions!  Being completely and 100% honest and sharing this all with GOD!  wow!


Love when you have "aha" moments!


here's the link and the portion of the article that resonated with moi!


MJL:  Right, there’s another expression that I like, it’s not what happens to us, it’s how we respond to what happens to us.  Bad stuff and crappy stuff happens to all of us, but it’s how we respond to it.  What is your responsibility?  (And responsibility means ‘what is your ability to respond to this’).

Lauren:  I love that, it’s so true.

MJL:  Do you want me to say it again?  Responsibility is your ability to respond.  You can get angry and ticked off, or you can reframe it, or reset or whatever you want to do, and say, Okay, this just happened to me, and I have the responsibility, I’m able to respond.

So guess what accountability is.  What is accountability?

Lauren:  Well, this I want to hear! (Laugh)

MJL:  (Laughs) It’s your ability to account for why you attracted something.  We do have the ability to account for whatever we attract.  It’s called Law of Attraction!  Why do I attract this crappy thing?  Well, it’s the Law of Attraction.  Why do I attract this great thing?  Well, it’s the Law of Attraction.  In other words, we can account for everything we are attracting.  We don’t have to like it, but we can account for it.  It’s because of our vibes.

Lauren:  So to sum up your response to watching the health segments…?

MJL:  We are responsible for the way we respond to whatever we are giving our attention to.


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