The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 4 Season 9 Im Back....lessons in friendship & WeightLoss

I'm so happy to back and taking part in the 100 day Challenge, by last season i think ended in July but i stopped bloggin on here back in it's been a while.

I have however continued to live the law of attractione everyday (one you have been doin it for 'awhile' it's hard not to).

Some of my secrets to keeping on track is Abraham Hicks material & Twitter.
I've been a big advocate of twitter for a long time now, and the connections i have made on there have been phenomical.

Which reminds me that i need to check out the twitter group and make sure im following everyone there...hope you do the same. My twitter name is @womenforchange.

This season, i want to continue my weight loss goals, i did some great things in 2009 and saw how my body can change but it does start with getting your mind to believe it's possible first.

I always slip off with exercise and when i start again , realise how much i love it.

What brings me back?

A big eye opener, i saw my best friend who i did not see for nearly 10 months .
It's a shame it took that long but the real eye opener was that the person who was always a UK 8-10(at her smallest a 6) ..I think that is a us 4-6 (smallest 2)...when you think of it like that...WTH is a '0'..a UK 4?

Anyway within 10 months she is now a UK 14-16 (US10-12)

She has always been smaller than me (12-14) so i was in shock when i saw her.

She knows about her weight gain , externaly she jokes about it but i know internally she doesnt feel good.

Knowing Christmas is coming up i have decided to start again the 30 day shred and yoga, for health and spirituality.

As for my friend , i will update you on her journey :-)

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Comment by Chenelle on December 8, 2009 at 5:35pm
Hi Amy,

Thanks for reading and replying. I really like when Abraham talks about weight & dieting because it makes sense to me ...then society ( or I) get in the way...thanks for reminding me :-)
Comment by Amy on December 7, 2009 at 12:52am
I slip off the exercise wagon as well but always come back to it. I've lost weight using the Abraham/Hicks method and I just affirm all that I eat makes me the size I want to be then I bring myself back to a time I was that size and I feel my body that way. And i've lost weight this way. Not really dieting or exercising. Though I do find as I'm losing weight it's pushing me more towards wanting to be healthy and exercise. BUT when I eat something that is tasty and wouldn't be on your typical "dieters" menu I really make sure I enjoy and affirm:)

I'm on twitter as well amyfwilliamson see ya over there;)


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