The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 4, Season2. clarifying goals

this new season started a few days ago, and even tough I was consciuos what goals I want to achieve there was a new one that I wasnt sure about it.. having a love relationship.
I have been a long time without one, and I realized that this was an area of my life very important missing. so I set it as a goal.
but it has been a little hard to get in the way to excercise, eat healthy, and everything related with ,my wellness... so I understood that first than anything i need to fall in love with me!! and that to look for a love relationship with another person is great, but first I have to have one with myself...
so now Im thinking in all the good things I need to do for this wonderful woman, to conquer her, lo love her, to spoil her and that she needs a lot, because in taking care of her niece with special needs 3 years ago, has put herself behind...

I called this season the way, and was looking to walk it with a great man, but I dont mind to walk it with my lovely self and see what at the end of the road...

the best for everyone.

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