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I allowed myself some irritation this morning while dropping off the kids, and I couldn't "think" it away during my drive into work, so after about 5 minutes of this, I stopped the car at the side of the road and got out my emergency CD - Boney M. That music is so incredibly cheerful, I save it for special occasions like this, when I really need to improve my mood in a hurry - my drive to work is only 15 minutes, so time was of the essence if I was going to create a good day at work for myself.

By the time I got there, I had moved myself up to a neutral mood. Previously, I would have considered this a failure, but thanks to Abraham-Hicks I have learned that as long as my mood improves, it doesn't have to be a huge leap on the scale in order to start making things better for myself.

Unlike the past 3 weeks, I got a parking spot far away from where I needed to be, but I understood why and acknowledged that I had attracted it with my bad mood, and then just decided to be happy that I did get a parking spot, that the weather was fairly nice and dry, and that I'd be inside having a warm cup of tea within a few minutes. Feeling rather proud of myself for what I had accomplished, I walked up the stairs, and by the time I got to my desk, I was in a downright cheerful mood. Within 10 minutes I was informed that I had won a competition and went to collect a nice box of chocolates.

From then on, feeling good for the rest of the day required little to no effort at all. And when a big accident caused traffic in my area to grind to a halt in the afternoon, I somehow managed to get home with a delay of only 5 minutes. It seemed as if the other cars just moved out of the way for me.

I'm so grateful that I managed to turn my mood around early in the day, and that I had the tools that enabled me to do so.

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