The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 40!!!

Where do the days go??? I can't believe that it's been 40 days since I
"officially" started this challenge! So much has happened, while at the
same time, it feels like nothing is going on!

As for my 100 Day intentions, here's where I'm at with it...
1. to embrace this challenge 100%! post/video at LEAST every 5 days (being at home with the kids, you never know!). Well, I haven't been doing videos. I don't think I'm comfortable with that
yet, but I have been trying to blog and post on the 100 day website
about every 5 days or so!

2. do yoga or some form of exercise EVERY day. yoga makes me feel so good and i'm so happy every
time i do even 5 minutes of it! I've
been doing yoga/stretching just about every day. I started this
challenge trying to do 500 sit ups every day and proceeded to pull a
muscle in my side, so needless to say, that was too much! I've been
doing alot of reading and writing, so i've been sitting alot and
stretching is a nesessity! my legs just crave it!

3. to manifest $10,000 in our emergency fund. we are still getting caught up after a few months of unemployment and
using up all of our savings, but hubby's new job is going great and i
can see the light at the end of the tunnel finally! one more week and he
can start working all he overtime he wants! so...that will happen

4. to write another ebook about this journey and share it with other moms. i will start a new blog/website and create
another stream of income. i actually
didn't write a book on manifesting, yet. i did however write another
instruction ebook on hand stamped jewelry and got it up online with my
others. i am also about 20 pages in on a fiction novel i have been
writing! i never thought i would be a fiction writer, but this idea
just wouldn't leave me alone, so that's going great! when i'm in the
zone, the words just flow onto the screen! i even downloaded a software
program that will help me get it all organized and into a book form!

5. to manifest a used ford f150 four door truck for hubby to trade the
jetta in on that will have a payment of less than $400 a month that HE
will take. (we won't go into the last 2 he has negitive'd out of the
way) this was a thorn in my side for a
few weeks there! i have LET GO of this one and will wait to let it
happen when it's ready. i think hubby's even sorta let go although, he
has been hinting to his dad about buying his truck. my fil actually
brought it up first about selling it to him and using our car to trade we'll see!

6. to complete at least 5 new dicken's costumes to sell this year. 1 down, 2nd one is 98% finished!

New intentions:
7. gain a 3 month grocery stockpile with our budget tight right now, i'm doing the best i can with this. i
really need to get back into "super couponing" like i did several months
ago! it just doesn't seem like the store sales are cooperating with me
though!!! LOL!

8. do one pampering/nice thing for myself everyday. i've been reading alot the last 3 weeks. i have done my nails and my
dd's nails, but something everyday...nope...haven't been! this i will
work on!

so...60 days to go! it's crazy to think of all the things i HAVE manifested in the last 40 days and what WILL
happen over the next 60 days!! just yesterday i thought about
manifesting my mil calling me by noon to invite us over for the day and
11:50am my phone rings! we spent the day over there and had a great
time! i guess manifesting is like have to start out slow
and small and work you way up to the big things! practice makes
perfect!!! have a great monday!

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Comment by Blanca on July 27, 2010 at 10:18pm
Good for you!!! I like the way you reflected on your intentions. I feel that you might be overwhelmed as well with the your intentions. I'm telling you this because I have too many goals and have not really been focusing 100% in any of them. A suggestion from someone else that I think might help you as well is to focus on point A to get to B...but one step at a time...or 3-4 goals at a time...hugs and blessings =)

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