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Today my stuffy nose finally cleared up a bit and I could feel the smell of the flowers I picked friday. A bouqet of Lily of the Valley! They are so beautiful and smell fantastic, AND I picked them right outside my appartment!

I keep getting amazed by my new home. I bought the apartment just before Christmas after having searched for a new one a few months. At the beginning of my search I wrote a list of the things I wanted for my new home but the the list disappeared and I didn't bother writing a new one. Having bought the apartment I realized practically everything on that list was in place, including nature literally just around the corner.

The only thing on the list I still need to work on is filling it with lots of nice people and memories, and come to think of it - during the four months I have lived here I have had more frequent visits from friends and family than I ever had in my old apartment! My bouquet of Lily of the Valley fits right into that picture:-)

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