The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 40 - Season 6 Laid off from work and open to new opportunities

I'm really happy to see how things are unfold in my season 6.

Loving myself has been the main objective for this season and it is really working.  I'm expressing what I want and I open myself to Universe and its channels of supply.

Yesterday I received the news of my laid off, of a job that I appreciate for all the experience I gain but that was really stressful and with no good energy in the environment.

I attracted this situation and I'm really happy to be closing this chapter and go to other one.

I'm learning a lot about myself lately, because I'm in the process to love myself.

I know that my ideal job is to be an entrepreneur in prosperity, connecting business with the spiritual world. The most amazing thing is that I found the symbol of my mission of life!!Good%20advice.JPG

I'm so thrilled with that because all is leading me to the best ways!

I will be working on my CPA studies and I'm sure abundance is knocking my door!

Life is Good

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