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Today I decided to wake up early, even though it is the weekend. I wanted to have some quite time before the family got up to meditate and align my energy! WOW! For the past few days I have been feeling so good, so INCREDIBLY GOOD. My energy is high, like a spinner dolphin propelling itself out of the water and spinning. Such a beautiful sight. Just like in this picture.

The other night I was able to watch a recording of Wayne Dyer. He was giving his talk on 'Excuses Begone!' He is an amazing person. I loved his talk and got some wonderful affirmations from it. The thing that really stuck out in my mind is, somthing that I know, but don't always apply. It was that I am in charge of every experience. Why are you allowing excused to run your life? I'm too tired, I have no energy, I can't do it all myself. He said, "All excuses are misalignments!"

That really spoke to me! That night I did one of the affirmations right before bed and really felt how wonderful it was to say it, see it and feel it. I woke up that morning feeling full of this amazing energy! Since that day, I am embracing this wonderful opportunity that we all have to make our life what we truly want it to be and living in place of happiness and love.

I am not allowing anymore EXCUSES. In fact I catch myself saying one and I immediatly say an affirmation.

I am only allowing and embracing what I want and that is to feel love and happiness and JOY!

I hope your day is filled with high energy, just like this spinner dolphin, and you can propel yourself to do WHATEVER you WANT!

Love and Light, Stacy

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Comment by Nadjah on April 24, 2010 at 9:39am
I will keep you posted! I've made the decision that it is way more important to wake up on the right foot every morning that having a few more minutes of sleep. Thanks again!
Comment by Stacy Stehle on April 24, 2010 at 9:28am
Oh Nadjah! That is wonderful! You are so welcome =) I would love to hear how this time for yourself really helps you. It is so startling to wake up to the screams. I know I have a little boy! =) Keep me posted! Have a fantastic weekend! Hugs!
Comment by Nadjah on April 24, 2010 at 9:24am
Loved your post Stacy! I will check that video out. I should start waking up a little bit earlier than everybody else too, especially my little girl. Just this morning I was thinking that it will be nice when I can wake up without a scream on my monitor every morning with "Mommy!!! Mommy!!Mommy!!". It really startles me every morning and it throws me off from my nice and peacful sleep. As a matter of fact, I may just do that, it is up to me, isn't it? Thank you for being an instrument from the Universe to help me confirm that I need to do so. Have a wonderful day!! : )

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