The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I felt very good today because I had no anxiety at all and ate healthy food that I took the time to prepare for me and my niece. I m not sure if its because Im eating more green vegetables or because I started practicing meditation, but whatever the reason, I will keep going with both.

My meeting with a potencial person to make a joint venture was really good and we are going to start working to get some big clients, which is great. he is an old man with a lot of experience.

but my happy day turned gray when my boss told me that he wants me to get more clients. it didnt matter that my sales were the higgest of the team, because almost everybody else have more clients than me..
he wants me to have a lot more clients working with , from small to big ones, so Im going to try to increase my number of clients every month.

I have to open up to this experience, since I always say that it takes the same time to sell to a small client than to a big one, and I prefer the big ones :), and of course they are more demanding. so I have to get organized and have a clear picture of what I need and want to manifest it...
and this place is what its for.. isnt??
have a good night and the best for all cocreators!

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