The 100 Day Reality Challenge

The past couple of days have been ugh, why, >.<, and @#&$!*@

LOL I was having serious back pain and I couldn't figure out why until I started going to bed early and having spurts of waking up and taking note of how I'm laying. haha I'm a side sleeper and somehow I managed to have my upper body laying as if I'm on my back with arms hanging over my head and my bottom have twisted as if Im sleeping on my side.

So I've been staying aware of how I'm laying and if I feel a ounce of pain I wake up and switch positions. I also took the weekend off to relax and lay in bed. I also found out being a blogger you can also have back and neck pain from typing too much. So I will be doing mini breaks/exercises so I won't be stuck on the computer all day. 

My home has been a playground as I am always visualizing as I'm walking through my house as of what they house looks like as I desire. The emotions, energy, and the fact that I'm doing everything as I already have it and its amazing to look at everything with a blank canvas and allowing my imagination and creativity to flow throughout the home.

I see my kids with great imaginations as they are always coming up with some form of game with what they have. I love it!

Last year there was issues with my taxes because of fraud when I lived in ATL and someone was using my information and the kids' without my consent. Well, I didn't get to file because of this and every time I tried it kept getting kicked back. I talked to IRS and they told me to file for last years and this years. That's 2 yrs of business and personal taxes O.O that I will have to do. I'm not even thinking about the paperwork as workload but as individual money sheets of paper that will flow back to me right when I need it.. Last year I was suppose to get a return and this year its looking like the same!!! All I can think about is the debt I will be able to clear and the investments I will be making for my business, home, and the future. :D 

As I am releasing and flowing with the experience and opening myself up to receiving all that I desire. Not only that, but I'm also opening myself to any awareness even if it hurts to change within myself so I can further myself in building an empire.

I just been honoring myself with rest and tons of self-care. The little moments of self-care has been a huge energy spurts that I need just to make me feel as though I am always pampering and thinking of me first. 

I wake up and while still in bed I stretch and meditate. I get out of bed and do my daily beauty routine and then I have a hot cup of green tea or coffee and watch my daily vlog. Then I do a quick blessing to begin my day and wake up my oldest for her to get ready. After I drop her or Andrea off, I've been running up these hills to make it a little harder for myself. I have to take small breaks because the curbs are high and I'm a shorty. haha 

I'm also honoring myself with beauty sleep and taking my butt to bed no later than 10pm and every morning I wake up with tons of energy! These moments I take at night to end the night gives me the pampering I need. Night time beauty routine, cleaning routine, meditation, prayer, and blessing. 

Love & Light 

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