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My lottery win inspired me to do something nice for myself, so I treated myself to a facial. The beautician was actually supposed to be fully booked, but somehow a spot opened up, so I was able to book a 90-minute treatment with just one day's notice.

The time I would previously have spent asleep or thinking about things I should be doing instead of lying there, I put to constructive use, thinking about how wonderful my life is, and how much better it's getting every day. I felt a lot of gratitude for being right in the middle of an experience that I had imagined I would be having when I had achieved my "perfect life".

I am once again experiencing synchronicities. I think it's because my mood is so much better now than a week ago.

After my facial I passed a shop window with the KitchenAid Artisan I'm expecting soon. The machine on display was not the colour I wanted. Had it been, I would probably just have admired it through the glass. But I decided to go inside and find the right colour and admire it close up. I found it and ran my fingers over the smooth metal, imagining it to be mine. And then I looked at the shelf below. Right there was the glass bowl I wanted to go with it. And marked down to half price! Of course I bought it right there and then. So I dare say I am now officially committed to the Artisan - having already bought a piece of equipment for it. My daughter was infected by my enthusiasm when I showed it to her, and she actually kissed the bowl, even though it was my wish. LOL!

Oh, and speaking of synchronicity, as I walked out of the shop, right there in front of me was my dream car, right colour and all, so I got to enjoy the sight of that too.

I'm so grateful that my wishes are coming true so soon!

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Comment by Blossoming Beauty on February 20, 2010 at 1:07am
ahhh Vicki!!
What a wonderful day you had! Dontcha just feel sooo excited when things come to fruition!!!! I'm sooo grinning right now about the bowl...and the car and the lottery win and the 90 minute treatment! ooh life is GOOOOOD!
Squeezy Hugglies!
Comment by the Phenomenal Lauren G on February 19, 2010 at 3:45pm
Congrats on your winnings and that timely facial! Awesome! Amazing manifestations with the Artesian and the car! You're awesome!

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