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Whew, I am not the person I used to be.

So--Monday was my birthday and someone very important to me did not wish me a happy birthday. She was unhappy with a choice I had made, and as  a result, I didn't hear from her on my birthday. We are very close, so naturally I was upset. This is kind of a pattern with her....when I don't do something she likes, I usually get 'temporarily cut off'. I wonder about this kind of behavior.

Topic 2: I hear lots of people on this site talking about people coming in and out of your life.....and how when you change your vibration, you sometimes change those you associate with. Well, this happened with me a few years ago----and it has caused some friction. The person I talked about above has a hard time accepting these changes in my life...and maybe that's because I have changed. I have claimed a level of independence that I didnt' have before and I am so grateful for that. But, it's caused some problems in other areas---most significant is my choice to not allow certain kinds of people into my life anymore---the toxic type.

Just needed to vent. The missed birthday wish was painful.


this 100 day challenge is shaking up all kinds of stuff in my life! I know it's necessary to my growth,but GEEZ!

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Comment by Sunny Side Up on February 17, 2012 at 1:10pm

Happy belated birthday!  It sounds like you are making great changes for you! Yes, I think it is definitely true that sometimes our friendships will change as we change. I have tried to bring my friends along with me but it is something that must come within. I am still friends with those people, but it is a different kind of friendship. All the more reason that it is important to make new friends who have similar views. Easier said than done but it's my goal. Love and light to you!


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