The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 43 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

I slightly lost track of my days so I'm calling today day 43 in the interests of keeping things simple!!

Chris came back from holidays last Friday (6 days ago) so life has pretty much been about spending time with him and making up for lost time.

We were lucky enough to have Friday afternoon through till Monday afternoon together before I had to come back for work and Chris had nightshift, it was really  nice to be together again.

We had a couple of nights apart then I was able to head up after class last night.

We are being spoiled because he is coming down after class tonight and we will have tonight and tomorrow night together.

I have student grading on Sat, Chris has work but I'm heading back to his place afterwards and we are heading out to a party Saturday night.

It has been awesome to have so much time together and things are better than ever. 

I'm still pinching myself that I have this in my life again and at how well we are suited.

I still managed to get some work done though believe it or not!!

My magazine website is almost completed now and will be live in the next 2 days, the book cover is having some revisions done and I've been getting some writing done in my 2nd book which is coming together nicely.

I've also not missed a gym session so feeling good about that although today I had my physio appointment and it seems that my calf is still another 4-6 weeks off being ok to run or kick. It's taking forever but my head is in a good place so for now I'm good!!

Since I last wrote I had my girls at their first full contact tournament and the girls fought well and 2 came home with silver medals. Unfortunately one was uncontested and didn't get to fight. A massive learning curve for them and another life lesson gained.

We have student grading this weekend so all week has been about pre-grading and making sure everyone is ready to go, the students are looking good so it should be a great grading.

I've also recruited someone to work on my personal branding logo to help tie everything in together. It seems I have so many moving parts now and I'm working hard to keep it congruent so I don't hit overwhelm.

Things are moving along as they should, things never seem fast enough for me but progress is definitely being made!

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