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Day 43 A brigther outlook and birthdays

I have had several days where I have gotten up and not felt depressed so perhaps I am over that hump. Thank heavens for that. I spent the day in the Art studio working on some paintings and that felt great. Oh to be playing and exploring with one of your passions is the best way to spend a day.

It's my birthday tomorrow and I have been trying to decide how I wanted to celebrate. I wanted to spend it with friends having dinner like I did last year but that will not work out this time. I decided that I am going to make myself a birthday cake. I usually don't have one. Since my daughter left we always go out to eat and have dessert there. This year I will have a cake and I intend to enjoy every bite. I also plan to spend the day making art and doing things to nurture me.

Do you have any fun things you do to celebrate your day?

I still have not found my camera and I wish I knew where it was, I seem to take more videos with it. I want to get back to making more as I think it really does make one focus on the challenge more. Maybe I will find it today.

Have a great day everyone!

- Kate

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Comment by Clarissa Kelly on February 26, 2009 at 2:48pm

Hey Kate!


I had an awkward birthday, but I would say that your idea is a really good one. Making your own cake ensures that you will like it. Celebrating you by doing things that are truly YOU is fabulous, too. If I wasn't laid low with the flu I'd make you a little video. Imagine me singing to you in a creaky voice. :)

Have you had some sun over there? Portland has had some this week, inbetween rain and snow showers. Yesterday was gorgeous for a few minutes, gives one that feeling of new life ready to burst out! So glad you are feeling better, whatever the reason.

I would buy myself flowers and a beautiful card if I were you. I am going to treat myself to a late birthday massage when I'm feeling better. I watched a great film on my birthday "The Secret Life of Bees," so that might be fun for you, too. I realized that being totally with myself and true to myself, giving myself gifts was the best thing to have on my birthday.

If you find the camera make a video about what you are doing tomorrow. I love to see your art!


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