The 100 Day Reality Challenge

My first job interview on the phone for a German company in Mexico is finally behind me. At the end I felt a prickle in my belly. For me a good sign. The lady at the phone told me to send her more documents.

I´m so curious about the new work place, where it is completely different than here. Definetly I want to work there. Now we have to climb up a high mountain again, a new challenge in my life. That can only be healthy for me. There is a opportunity to grow again. I hope all is working: Visa issues, tax registration no., the movement with all my home stuff and my pets as itself, finding a new home there.

Woooowww...I keep my optimism on track. I look forward moving out of the very dry desert into the colorful life again. I´m sooooo happy right now.

Wish you all many blessings...fulfilled

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