The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 43 Making the law of attraction work with energy

Earlier today I read a post on this blog with a link to an interview with an author who has written a book about the conncetion between energy and the law of attraction. Her theory is that people who have a lot of energy to back up their intentions with succeed more easily than people with low energy.

I think it's obvious that different people have different energy levels and for people with low energy it is even more important to spend time doing things that give energy, spending time with people who give energy and reducing time spent on doing things and meeting people that only require energy. With energy levels too low you will never be able to get anywhere regardless of how much you visualize your goals.

I already know I am a low energy person and I definitely have thought of this before, just not of how this affects the manifestation of my intentions. When listening to this interview I decided to be more aware of what gives me energy and what drains me from it. Later today I met two people that I like and regard as my friends. I considered these two friendships and suddenly realized I actually only get energy from one of them, while the other one actually is more of a "I give and get nothing back"-kind of relationship. I guess I have been aware of this before, but today it got so very clear to me I feel I have to react on it. I am very greatful for having noticed this and will definitely be more aware of the attention I give to these two people in the future. I still like them both, but I need to recognize that only one of them really includes me in her life while the other one doesn't, and what effect this has to my energy level.

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