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Had a great talk with a friend today about MONEY! She said that she is just sick of "struggling" with money and that she is going to completely change her way of being around money.

It got me thinking about this money thing again. Here she is, and me, approaching 50. We have raised kids, bought homes, had careers, had adventures, had relationships with all sorts of people, had experiences of all sorts, and on and on and guess what - we are still here. We are still living in a nice home and have excellent food on our plates and have kids that are independent starting their lives. We are still healthy and presently we are moving towards things we are passionate about. So much to be appreciative of and so much wonderful living to reflect upon.

During those many past years we did spend time worrying about money. Has all that worry helped us one little bit? How has all that worry made us feel? I start to think where would we be now if we eliminate the worry around money from our entire lives? The same place, somewhere else, happier?

The worry and fretting about money is all in the mind. The truth of the matter, if we look at it honestly, is that we have always had what we need when we need it. Yes sometimes it is tougher but just as many sometimes it is wonderful.

My friend and I agreed to let it go. We have made it this far and we will continue to make it, living comfortably and doing enjoyable things. So let's do it without the money worry. It flows in and out and maybe,and quite possibly, there will be more flow in when there is less resistance to it.

Both of us are doing what we love doing. Both of use are creating our realities to our liking. Both of us are conscious living people.

I now choose to move forward from those old thinking habits, let go of the worry and unnecessary fretting about money, and enjoy more, love more, live more!

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Comment by Katie on September 11, 2013 at 4:12pm

 I've been worrying about money for the past week, and your post really spoke true to me. It's a fact, I've always had everything I needed - clothes on my back, a roof over my head, food and water, money to pay the bills, great friends... Thanks for your post!

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