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Today I participated in Vårruset, a race just for women that takes place in all of Sweden every year. It's only 5k but it's a nice happening and afterwards everyone (30 000 in Stockholm only) has a picknick in a beautiful green area.

This was my second year running the race and I only began running at all last spring after having had an operation that made it impossible for me to go to aerobics class. I had always hated running before but soon I began loving it. It dosen't matter what mood I am in when I start running, coming home I am always happy!

The main reason for this is that running makes me so aware of my body, it just fills me with gratitude for being alive, having arms and limbs and lungs and a heart that work and permit me to go on at different speeds. I love my body for allowing me to experience that and I am proud of taking care of myself - nurturing my body with good food and exercising to give it energy. It is so obvious to me that taking care of my body means taking care of ME!

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