The 100 Day Reality Challenge

day 44 season 3. my message to the world

HELLO and good morning my beautiful co creators!! I am sending this message out to the universe this morning and knowing that is received by all beings, let your divine self be that what it is...divine!! let that heart do its job, and let go or move out of its way..or move whatever needs to be moved out of its way so it can fly and soar and really carry you and your light to all the unimaginable beautiful places that we are moving to each day, each moment. I am remembering that each day i can be the bes  that i can be, i can choose to say " I do this with joy...everything is a joy! all of this is a joy, just being here is a joy”  that i can be here and be part of this and open my heart more and more and more no matter what it is that is happening around or in my physical body... if i  feel resistance to this, an option is to forgive with grace and trust..and keep letting this amazing heart i have do its thing...i realize that it is so powerful...much more powerful than i have ever realized, i can let her sing to her full volume rather than giving in to lower vibrations that tell me to "turn down the love" i am continuing to see my life as a string of miraculous beauty and harmony, a path that i share with the cosmos, yet a path i create as i go. I am honored to be here and let my life unfold here with you, i am honored to be allowed to trust in the unfolding process and take part in the creation of my highest dreams and love and peace for all, starting with me! thank you thank you!!! 

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