The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So, so much Gratitude today and everyday for all the Blessings of my Life: Beautiful, generous friends and family, sweet pit bull boyfriend, magnificent autumnal magic, opportunities in music, financial freedom and Abundance, the Happiness within, my home, my car, my neighborhood, my city, yoga, my health... 

Living from the Heart has really shifted everything for me. Every day is a new adventure of music, yoga, getting outside, basically just doing what I love. No plans or goals. Just following my passion and seeing the path unfold as it comes. I just KNOW. I just have FAITH and TRUST that, as long as everything I do is aligned with my life purpose, everything that is supposed to happen WILL happen at just the right time, in just the right place, in just the right way. What's "supposed" to happen? Only the Universe knows the Answer! I have a profound feeling of contentment every day that I can't describe.

There is tangible progress that I have manifested into my life, as well. First, an extended family member gave me their old (2 year old) tablet when they upgraded to a new one! I am so happy and thankful for this and it has enabled me to get an instagram account that I am dedicating to my yoga and fitness career. And guess what?? Lilou was one of the first people to follow me! How cool is that? Feel free to follow me too: goodwolf228 :)

Although my yoga/fitness studio is not completely flawless, after the $3000 masonry job I just had completed (front concrete stairs re-poured and foundation/front walk fixed), I feel as if my studio is (FINALLY!) basically done. Yes, there is a bit of painting that needs to be done but that's cosmetic. Next on the list is a sofa, coffee table, and area rug for the "waiting area" of the studio. And I KNOW I just said no concrete goals or plans, but I take that back and will set the intention to have the sofa/table/rug by the New Year! :)

Since I've last posted a blog in mid-September, my 2015/2016 concert/church/synagogue season has gotten into full swing. I realize now that I've been "livin' the dream" for years (pro musicians will often quote that phrase sort of sarcastically, but there is so much truth to it!), although I didn't see it that way. I bought into the "starving artist" mentality and the "sacrificing for your art" mindset. But I am reminded of the quote, "The moment you start acting like life is a blessing it starts to feel like one." It's so true!!! The only thing that really changed in my life was my mind, but it has made all the difference!

Namaste, co-creators and thanks for reading!

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Comment by GOODREAMS on November 1, 2015 at 1:13pm
Don't buy into a constricted mind-set.
Say yes! is the answer.

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