The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi everybody!!


Life is great!!! I get almost everything I want!!! it makes me so happy!!


I get my big hair!! My body is healthy and thin..I still loose weight

I met wonderfull people, and now I want to change a job and I get nice jobs offers!!


and you will never dream job I found!!!!

O My God!! Im SO excited!!!!!!

Monday I have a first meeting, im nervous and still seeing myself as a stylist working for them!!!

for that job I ll go to international exhibitions and so on...O My God!!! my wish!!! travveling, being creative, nice company!!!!!


So please give me advice to get that job!!


Im still dreaming and feeling how it  is!!! im also nervous, it will be hard somethimes, its totally new for do that work as my job!! But I wish, no want to do it!!!


So I have my new job as stylist and I ll work with love and compassion with my collegueas and others, i ll make beautifull rooms, go to juicy exhibitions all over the month. I love it, I enjoy it. I have a dreamcar to drive to my work and to customers..and i have a great salary


Life is so gratefull for everything i get!!!!


and i get it!!!


xxx besos!


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Comment by Rhiannon on July 15, 2011 at 3:00pm

Hi Maria,
Just keep focusing on how good it feels to have that job now. The more time spent feeling good about having that job now, the more powerful the visualization will be. I wish you well on your adventures and hope you attain your dream job. Sounds wonderful.

Many blessings =)

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