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I want to thank Stacy for inspiring me to get up early every morning. It is amazing how much I look forward to this alone time. I am able to wake up peacefully, to do a little Yoga, go over my affirmations and desires for the day, have a cup of coffee and come on here. What it used to be my least favorite part of the day has become one of my favorites. Thank you God for everything that I have. Thank you for everything that you give me. Thank you for everything that you will give me.

"Today I intend to see, I want to see, I expect to see, no matter who I am working with, no matter who I am talking with, wherever I am, whatever I am doing, I intend to see that which I want to see. Also, it is my intent to look for things that feel good."

Have a wonderful day dear co-creators!!

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Comment by Nadjah on April 28, 2010 at 4:46pm
: )
Comment by Nadjah on April 28, 2010 at 9:54am
Thank you soooo much Stacy! Now it is easy to start the day on the right foot. Have a wonderful day!
Comment by Stacy Stehle on April 28, 2010 at 9:41am
Hi Nadjah! I got goosebumps reading this! =) I am so excited to hear how the morning have helped you prepave your day! I didn't like getting up early either. For me it is 5am so I don't feel rushed before the family get's up. The more I did it, the better I felt and the better my day went b/c I was able to pre-pave it! I am so excited for you! Thanks for sharing this! I can feel your energy from this post! WHOOHOO!

Have a blessed day! =) Love and hugs!!


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